IFRAM is proposing continuous professional course. It is about short training courses intended for professionals and on very specific thematics. For example, you can be initiated by Peter Staffen to repoussage techniques, or you can explore patina's possibilities on bronze metals with Frederic Michel or whether discover copperwork thanks to Christophe Desvallées... For this training courses, the number varies from 4 to 8 participants. Posts being limited, the priority will be given to the first enrolled ones. To enroll or to obtain further informations, you can contact IFRAM: +33 (0)2 35 64 42 30 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Each year, IFRAM is renewing some popular short training courses and is proposing some novelties. It is still about short courses intended for artisans who are wanting to develop their competences or to improve them in a specific domain:

Patine"Discover heat patinas on copper metals"

This course of 2 days and provided by Frédéric Michel, has the aim to make discover all the sides of the work of the patina and to know some workshop's secrets: presentation of the risks and protection to appy, preparation of the unrefined products, surface's completions, choice of the patina (color, transparency, brillance) etc. You will, of course, realise patinas, by approaching, for each one, the preparation, the application's method, the principal used proucts, the equipment and the adaptated work equipment, patinas's completions, polish, lustring etc. Price 800€


Dinanderie"Initiation to the copperwork techniques"

In 5 days, this course provided by Christophe Desvallées has the objective to make you discover the work on copper by realising an object of your choice. The implementation of the techniques, according to the chosen subject,are cutting, marking, pressing, die necking, annealing, planishing, patina... You will also learn how to organise you work station and to create your workshop with a little budget. Price 850€



Repoussage"Initiation to the techniques of repoussage"

This course is an initiation to the techniques of repoussage to give an added value to the pieces of ironwork by realising ornaments by repoussé. This short course will be the last one of a 4 complementary and progressive courses series. This course is consisting at first of discovering the tools and basics gestures of repoussage by realising an item (a scallop-shell). Then, a second one proposes to go into the mastery of texhniques in depth by the fabrication of tools (hammels, forks...) and more complex objects (roses, water leaves, culots) by working on the different materials (steel, brass and copper). The third level permits to go further in the mastery of the savoir-faire in the domain of repoussage by realising a piece much more complicated (rococo and free project) by approaching the drawing of an item and always with different metals. At last, to finish this series, the last one (level 4) permits to realise an exceptional item, that is a copy of the famous Stanislas square's ornaments in Nancy. Price 990€ per level. 


Dbi 1"The technique of debillardage" 

This course, divided in 2 levels (2x3 days), has the aim to help blacksmiths to upgrade their technique in the domain of debillardage, from the replica of the handrail to the shaping of a staircase. The training course must permit to the participant, once he will be in a real context in his firm, to create, to fabricate and put on banisters. Regarding the 1st level, this course is approaching, in the first hand, the replica of curved iron concerning a spiral staircase, with a sarrasin type wide quarter-turn and with a tight quarter-turn. The second day will be devoted strictly speaking to the debillardage for diffrent types of quarter-turn wide or tight; The aesthetic rendering of the works will also be discussed. Stephan Poirier will give you all the tricks and explain all the traps to avoid concerning the approach of a site of debillardage of a banister. Price 950€ per level.

For these short trainings courses, the number varies from 4 to 8 participants. Posts being limited, the priority will be given to the first enrolled ones. Do not forget that the Courses Insurance Funds (Fonds d'Assurance Formations) can take care of all enrollement fees. You can ask for further informations to your respectives regional Guild Chambers. To enroll or for further informations, contact IFRAM.

Tel +33 (0)2 35 64 42 30 - E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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