Vignette revueFÈVRES, The metal crafts magazine 

Quoted in reference by all the professionals of the forge crafts (ironworkers, metalworkers, farriers, cutlers, goldsmiths, bronziers, engravers, goldsmiths ...), the magazine FÈVRES, printed 5000 copies, proposes four times a year a Discovery of men, know-how and techniques in the field of the transformation of metal ore and metal into object.

 Discover the summary and the editorial of the last issue of FEVRES Magazine

Vignette formation 2


IFRAM offers continuing vocational training. These are short courses for professionals and on specific themes: introduce yourself to the techniques of spinning with Peter Staffen, explore the possibilities of patinated copper metals with Frédéric Michel, discover the brasserie alongside Christophe Desvallées ... The number of internships varies from 4 to 8 participants.

Training Session IFRAM 2015


IFRAM organizes an event every year, alternating each year between Les Fèvres, the European Metalworkers Trade Fair and the European Forge Symposium. The fair is organized in the Haute-Normandie region, while the symposium takes place in different places in France. Visit the relevant section for more information, as well as an agenda informing you about events related to metal professionals and crafts.

International Forge Symposium 


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